SQL Select is all about pro-actively managing your SQL Servers. Instead of fixing things when they break down, the goal of this service is preventing those break-downs. Using SQL Select leads to healthy servers!

SQL Select verifies your SQL Server(s) to the Microsoft Best Practices for SQL Server and SQL Masters Best Practices. All in all SQL Select checks your SQL Server instance against roughly 900 rules that have proven themselves in practice. We keep tabs on the the latest developments and versions of SQL Server so our rules stay up-to-date.

We have defined different categories for the tests:
– Configuration and setup
– Security
– Operational Excellence
– Performance
– Coding Standards
– Workload behavior

After running the checks we present you a clear report with findings and actions to improve the state of your SQL Server. Of course our involvement doesn’t end there: we can facilitate and execute the necessary actions and we will revisit every few months to verify that the servers remain healthy.

This service can be combined with SQL Profound to give you 24/7 security and monitoring.