SQL Cloud Patrol provides serverless insights in all your SQL cloud hosted databases. Either IaaS or PaaS.

Our Cloud Patrol solution monitors your cloud hosted databases. 24/7.


Especially PaaS databases have come a long way from a management perspective. Disk I/O subsystems, network and backups are no longer on the agenda of the DBA. Performance is managed semi-automatically. All this goodness isn’t taking away the need for proper management. There is still plenty to monitor, like who’s connecting to your database, and who’s collecting which data. How your workload and data is growing,¬†and what implications that has on performance and how that is affecting your long running processes.

That’s where SQL Cloud Patrol comes in. Our product collects all necessary data from your database and monitors performance and security. We collect only system data, we are not interested in your business data. In fact, we don’t need nor want access to your tables and views.

In contrast to the standard management options in Azure, we are capable of handling and monitoring hundreds or even thousands of databases at the same time. We spot problems before they become a problem for you and ensure that your database is always in prime shape.

What do we promise:

  • 24/7 monitoring on your databases
  • Always running on the SKU that fits your workload, ensuring that you run stable and cost-effective.
  • For SQL Azure DW: Automatic scaling based on trends in your workload
  • Weekly reports with recommendations on your data solution
  • Monthly consulting hours, spend with your staff improving your solutions