Our products are built with a strong focus on supporting the Microsoft Data Platform. Both On-premise or in the cloud. We gather the information needed to maintain, upgrade of consolidate Microsoft SQL Server based environments. Or to help you moving to the Microsoft Azure Cloud simple and smooth. We developed a stack of products to support your daily SQL Server Estate operations which provides the insights you are looking for to move forward quickly.












SQL Estate

With our full monitoring subscription service you will receive up to date overviews of your SQL Estate with insights in its usage beyond all regular database monitoring.

SQL Select

SQL Select maps your SQL Server environment in detail and gives you an up-to-date overview of your SQL Server databases. Without fuss. SQL Select provides best practices around capacity & security management.  Automated and bundled in a single product.
All presented to you in a crisp and well-organized report with clear actions.

SQL Profound

SQL Profound provides detailed insights of your SQL Server workloads. Based on our lightweight and custom build, data collection software we will provide new insights that help to understand your current & future bottlenecks. SQL Server Capacity Management at its best.

SQL Cloud Patrol

SQL Cloud Patrol provides serverless insights in all your SQL cloud hosted databases. Either IaaS or PaaS.
Our SQL Cloud Patrol solution monitors your cloud hosted databases. 24/7.

Why? Predictable Performance and rightsizing of the best pricing tier for your cloud databases with the proper (DTU/DWU) scaling based on your actual workload and trend detection.


All our reports are provided in a format for the tools you are familiar with: Excel or Power BI.